Upflow & Counterflow Furnaces

Depending on the style of your home, your heating system could be located either in your basement or attic. Knowing where your HVAC is located gives us the ability to create a heating system design that will work best for your house. At Macklin Heating & Cooling, we have the experience and the certifications to be able to install, service, and maintain your upflow or counterflow furnace to provide you enhanced energy efficiency and improved circulation.

Difference Between Counterflow & Upflow Furnaces

  • Upflow Furnaces: Typically installed in your basement or crawlspace, this style of furnace pushes the warm air out of the top of the appliance and into the duct system. As one of the most common styles in North America, the upflow furnace provides you with cost efficient and space saving opportunities.
  • Counterflow Furnaces: Also known as a downdraft furnace, this style gives you the opportunity to efficiently heat your home when you do not have a basement or crawlspace. Designed to push the warm air down into the duct system below, our counterflow systems are typically installed in your attic.

Our experienced HVAC technicians have years of experience in providing you with upflow or counterflow furnace solutions that you can depend on. We make sure your heating systems are properly maintained and serviced, keeping your house, your family, and you warm all season long.

For maintenance, service, or repair on your upflow or counterflow furnace system, call or contact us today.