Ductless Mini-Splits

ductless mini-splitKeeping your home cool throughout the hot, summer months is imperative to your comfort and your health. Whether your home has a non-ducted heating system or you're looking to cool off areas that are not connected to your central air, the experts at Macklin Heating & Cooling would recommend installing a ductless mini-split. Designed to provide an alternative to traditional central air systems, these flexible, versatile electric units effectively keep your space cool all season long.

Benefits to a Ductless Mini-Split

  • Wide Range of Sizes & Capacities
  • Versatile and Flexible Usages, including:
    • Retro-Fitting Homes For AC
    • Small Apartments
    • House Additions
    • Computer / Server Rooms
    • And More
  • Compressors Run Cooler & More Efficiently
  • All Electric Unit
  • Quiet & Dependable

Macklin Heating & Cooling's licensed, certified technicians analyze your space to provide you with the most comprehensive recommendation for your ductless mini-split. Once we know the right size for your specific needs, we complete the installation process from start to finish with the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment.

Keep your home cool with a ductless mini-split from Macklin Heating & Cooling. Call or contact us today to schedule your installation.