Zoning & Balancing

Are some of the rooms in your home too hot while others are too cold. This inefficiency in temperatures not only reduces your comfort, but it also causes higher energy bills and additional wear and tear on your HVAC systems. With the right zoning and balancing in place, Macklin Heating & Cooling puts the power to more effectively control your temperature in your hands.

Benefits of Zoning & Balancing

  • Stops Uneven Heating & Cooling
  • The Ability to Have 4-6 Thermostats on One Furnace
  • Save Money on Energy Costs
  • Prevents You From Heating & Cooling Unoccupied Rooms
  • Better Regulate Your Comfort Levels Throughout Your House
  • And More

A zone and balancing system allows you to install multiple thermostats to give you the opportunity to control the comfort levels in your home. This system can be installed in new construction or added to your current HVAC. Our experienced team of licensed technicians will assess your ductwork to ensure it is compatible with a zone and balancing system. Once we have completed our inspection, we work with you to determine the right amount of thermostats and zones to best enhance the comfortability in your home.

Increase your home's comfort while decreasing your energy costs with zoning and balancing from Macklin Heating & Cooling. Call or contact us today to schedule your installation.