About Us

Here at Macklin Mechanical, we have a dedicated team of employees with over 60 years of experience in HVAC contracting. We consider ourselves to be a very “workable” group of people that puts the customer’s needs and comforts ahead of our own.

We are a company that values relationships from the first time we meet a new client to the last screw that is used to complete a long time clients' project. We hold each other accountable to our high quality work standards and meeting our customer’s needs. We believe that it takes a team to win and MMC does not put the needs of one team member above the greater good of the team itself. We invest in our people so they can grow professionally and personally while a part of MMC. Integrity plays a major role in all of our business dealings. We are also very community minded and support our armed forces when the opportunity arises.

Our clients will benefit from using us as their HVAC supplier because we take a holistic approach to caring for their facilities. We treat their buildings like our own. We make sure we inform the customer if we see something that is not operating properly, that could cause a catastrophic equipment failure, saving them money on costly replacements. We believe it’s our responsibility to educate the client during the sales process so that they have enough information to make a good, sound buying decision. If we have not explained ourselves properly and have not explained the feature/ benefits of our proposed systems well enough, then we do not deserve to be awarded the project. We pride ourselves in giving value added HVAC designs/engineering and installations along with having the ability to offer 'high end' system solutions as well.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust, call or contact Macklin Mechanical today.