Commercial HVAC Replacement and New Installation

Learn How to Make the Right Decision for Your New HVAC Purchase

When it is time to replace your HVAC system, you need all the information and facts up front to make a well informed decision. As a new commercial HVAC system is a major purchase for most businesses, we consider it out responsibility to ensure that our clients are educated on the process and their actual needs. The wrong system will only lead to problems down the line including higher utility bills and system failures.

When making your decision to purchase, first you will need to consider size. By understanding the energy load of your building, you can determine the correct size unit to purchase.

The factors involved in determining energy load include the square footage of your building as well as how it is insulated and how efficient your windows and doors are. Typically, the best way to determine the size of unit needed is to have a professional do an examination of your building.


A second factor to consider when buying or replacing a HVAC unit is the efficiency rating. If your current system is older, it may only have an efficiency rating of up to 70%. That means that the unit would convert 70% of the fuel into heat. Newer models can have efficiency ratings of up to 98.5%. This much higher rate of efficiency will have a direct impact on your overall energy costs.

Finally, the costs associated with the replacement or purchase of a new HVAC unit do need to be taken into account. Prices can fall into a large range. While it can be tempting to buy the cheapest unit on the market, that is not always the most economical decision in the long run. When purchasing, it is important to not only find the right unit but the right HVAC contractor for the job.


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When you partner with Macklin Mechanical Company, you know you have partnered with a company that cares. We value relationships from the first time we meet to the last screw used to complete a long-time client's project.

We believe that it takes a team to win and we hold every member of our team to the highest standards. You will find that integrity plays a major role in all of our business dealings, so to learn more yourself, give us a call today.


As a business, keeping your costs low is always a goal and a priority. Considering that energy costs are one of the largest of most businesses, it is imperative that these costs are controlled.

Sheet Metal

When it comes to your HVAC system, we know that having the proper sheet metal fabrication can mean the difference between a system that works efficiently and one that wastes energy and money. That is why at the Macklin Mechanical Company, we do the sheet metal fabrication ourselves.


The goal of a commercial maintenance agreement is two-fold. The first goal is to keep your system working at peak performance which will help you hold down utility costs all year long. The second goal is to catch possible issues before they become overwhelming and expensive problems.


An old boiler is an inefficient boiler. It will up your energy costs and lower your and your employee's comfort levels in your building. It may very well be time to toss your old commercial boiler and invest in a new and more efficient model.


When you need your HVAC system or furnace or cooling system repaired, you need it now whether it is in the middle of the night or on a holiday. That's why here at Macklin Mechanical Company, we offer 24 hour a day emergency service 365 days a year.